• Sandi Thom is not who you think she is.

    For a while most people still recalled her as the precocious next-generation talent that produced one of the defining hits of the internet age, ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rock (With Flowers In My Hair)’, this talented singer-songwriter has come a long way in the years since then.

    As Sandi now says, “The strange thing about having the kind of success I had, people think they know you. In fact, people don’t know me at all.”

    That is all about to change, however, with the release of Sandi’s superb new album, Flesh and Blood. Recorded at Nashville’s legendary 16 Tons studio, with celebrated Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson in the production hot seat, the fourth Sandi Thom album is, she says, “the first album I’ve made that is really all about me.”

    A self-described “obsessive Fleetwood Mac fan”, they are also a strand in Sandi’s new sound: the strong-minded female with the oh-so vulnerable heart.

    “All I ever want to do is write songs that connect with people. And with this album I’ve finally found a place where I can make the very best music I can achieve. The people that only know me from ‘Punk Rocker’ won’t recognise me on this album.”

    Now the media spotlight has moved on to blind other unsuspecting victims, the truth can finally be given a good, proper airing. Behind the hype there is simply that voice. Heartfelt, soulful, sincere… Sandi Thom is not who you think she is.  She’s something else.