Sugarland Bassist Annie Clements Contributes to ‘Bass Player’

Annie Clements, the touring bassist and background vocalist for Sugarland, recently demonstrated her journalistic skills by contributing a behind-the-scenes look at Lilith Fair for Bass Player magazine.

“It’s very gratifying to be a part of a band— and now a full-blown tour— where women are running the show,” writes Clements at the start of her narrative in the 2010 holiday issue. “For me, it sets a tone of joy, kindness and compassionate energy that counterbalances the many rigors of touring life. And like Catherine Popper (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals) said, the fact that there are so many female musicians on this tour that are out here based on their merit— not simply because they’re female—is encouraging and inspiring.”

Later in the piece, Clements revisits this topic when discussing the community of female bassists on the Lilith tour.

“It was so great to be out here with other women rocking the bass. I really think Catherine Popper summed it up best by saying that we’re all just working out here. It’s not totally unusual now to see a woman up on stage doing her job. And it was great to sit down with them and be able to totally relate to them right off the bat. We had all this common ground, just talking about dealing with relationships, how to shop on tour, how to stay healthy. There aren’t a million people out there who’ve necessarily lived out of a suitcase for a decade, and to be able to sit down with other women who are living that life was a really great experience for me.”

Order the Bass Player issue here to read more from Clements.

Girl Rock Nation is proud to have Annie as one of our representatives and we’d like to congratulate her since Sugarland has just landed on top of the Billboard 200 album chart with The Incredible Machine.

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