Jenni Tarma Tour Diary: From Puerto Rico to North Carolina

… and we’re off! Christina Perri’s headlining U.S. tour is now well under way; everyone is settled in on the bus, and our freighted gear has finally arrived from LA in an, ahem, somewhat timely manner. It’s amazing how quick and easy it is to fall back into the touring routine when you’re traveling and working with a great team of friends. Our tour bus this time around is also extra luxurious. It has a slide-out in the front lounge, which expands the living area into a killer living room when the bus is parked. The extra space makes a huge difference when there’s twelve people, hanging out together 24 hours a day.

Sound check in San Juan: not without its difficulties.

We kicked off our three week adventure with a fairly random show in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which, although fun, was also marred with all kinds of difficulties on our end. Various cultural differences and communication issues, a missing keyboard, a massively delayed sound check, an unfamiliar mixing desk and a sub-par rented back line meant that our entire team really had to go the extra mile in order to make the show a success. The enthusiastic audience reaction more than made up for our struggles (as it always does!), but it was still a HUGE relief to be back in familiar territory with our second show in Asheville, N.C. last night. Asheville itself was beautiful, and the comfy backstage amenities and great venue made the show a total breeze. Despite our rocky start, it’s fantastic to witness our whole band and crew falling right back into the groove so quickly and efficiently.

My view from the stage of The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. Check out Christina’s new white, custom-painted piano!

And speaking of falling right back into touring habits, it’s 2 p.m. and I’m not yet out of my pajamas…. yikes. Time to wrap this up and head into the venue for a shower and a snack. Show #3, here we go!


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