Trailblazing Blues Guitarist Rory Block Talks New Projects With ‘Guitar World’ Mag

Blues guitarist Rory Block defies all odds.

She’s female, caucasian and a blues guitarist. But most importantly, she’s a role model who proves that gender and skin color have no say when it comes to succeeding in music.

According to a recent interview with Guitar World’s Laura Whitmore, Block left home at 15 with her guitar and a few friends and headed to California. She landed a record deal, and now has more than 20 records and five Blues Music Awards to her credit.

During the interview, Block touched a bit on her background and also discussed her project The Mentor Series, a compilation that pays homage to her blues heroes.

“What I’m doing is making a series of tribute albums to the blues masters who I met in person,” Block says in the interview. “The re-discovered blues masters, thus far. And my concept is to have a boxed set of the final result.”

As of now, the series pays tribute to Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Reverend Gary Davis.

“All of the blues masters mentioned were ones I was lucky enough to meet in person,” Block said. “And the lifelong influence has been huge from everybody I met.”

Watch Block “preaching’ the blues” in the video below, and visit her website here.

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