Jenni Tarma Tour Blog: Fun In The U.K.

One of our favorite Girl Rock Nation ambassadors is back with her tour diary. Jenni Tarma, bassist for Christina Perri, take it from here …

Oh MAN! Three shows into our mini UK tour, so much has already happened it’s hard to even know where to start. Aside from a few minor technical difficulties (as well as the fact that we’re all keeping pretty weird schedules – the jet lag continues to crush us all daily), the tour has been a smashing success so far. We’ve also really upped the production of the show, and it’s been a huge relief seeing everything, from click tracks to new lighting rigs, work more or less the way they’re supposed to. Phew.

We started off our trip in Glasgow, where we had the luxury of an entire day off after landing. Everyone took advantage of our time there- we not only saw quite a bit of Glasgow, but even managed to take a day trip to Edinburgh to see the incredible castle, and, ahem, sample some of the local ales. By the time the day of the show was upon us, everyone was suitably rested and itching to play and get the tour underway. My experience of playing anywhere in Scotland is that crowds are invariably enthusiastic and appreciative, and this was no exception.- we were certainly made to feel very welcome in Glasgow, and it’s so fun and exciting to witness Christina’s star rising to quickly and steadily even on the other side of the pond.

Sound check gets underway in Glasgow.

We followed up our Glasgow show with an equally epic night in Manchester. Since we had the day off in London coming up, we joined forces with our opener Marcus Foster (who, by the way, has some serious pipes himself – I highly recommend checking him out!) and hit the town for some post-show celebratory drinks. Needless to say, our 8 a.m. arrival into London-town was far from a pretty sight as we all shuffled, disheveled and still in our pajamas, into our fancy West End Hotel.

The London show of any tour is traditionally the most high-pressure; in keeping with another, less-than-awesome tradition, it was also the one most marred with technical difficulties in the run up to the concert itself. Not only did our monitor engineer discover that my in-ear monitors had been mysteriously left behind in Manchester – luckily to be located just a few stressful hours later – but some general chaos had also resulted in various instruments and interfaces being left onto the tour bus… which was parked a good 25-minute drive away.

Undeterred, our crew somehow worked through all the setbacks, all the while miraculously coordinating the filming and recording of the show that night. In spite of everything, showtime itself went off without a hitch, as these things tend to when everyone is working their butts off :) .  And as evidenced below by Christina’s mile-wide grin, I think it’s safe to say that the night was a huge success. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going with tonight’s show in Brighton – updates forthcoming!


Christina’s quest to raise the roof at every show is going remarkably well.

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  2. Hi, I’m Mikaella, and i’m the biggest Christina Perri fan in the entire world! I listen to her album every song, every day. From when she first started with her first video”wonderful” to “Jar Of Hearts”. I’ve supported her every step of the way and Jenni I think your one of the best bassist i’ve ever heard! From starting at a young age to the big stage?! That’s insane! I’ve only been on this earth for 14 years, but I’m learning a lot from you guys! I really hope you guys make more music, and I get to see you guys in concert! xoxo

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